Want to be prepared for a truly wonderful tattoo or piercing experience? 

Here are answers to some common questions to get you started. 

If there's anything you don't see answered, please don't hesitate to ask!


How old do you have to be to get tattooed or pierced?
You have to be 18. There is NO co-signing … EVER … so please don't ask.

Can I bring my child while I am receiving services? 

NO. We have an 'ABSOLUTELY NO CHILDREN' policy. 

You MUST be 18 to enter the shop. 


Can I bring a friend (or posse') to hold my hand?

NO, for two VERY GOOD reasons. First,  we are a small shop with limited space 

so we'd like to hold onto that in case other clients need a waiting area. 

Also, it's more professional when the desired procedure or body modification 

is between the client and the artist/ practitioner. 




How old do you have to be to get tattooed or pierced?
You have to be 18. There is NO co-signing … EVER … so please don't ask.

What does "Your Design or Ours" mean?

We are a custom shop, so we encourage our clients to bring in their designs … 

or you can bring an idea to the table and we can help design something for you.


Is it a good idea to get tattooed before a beach vacation?
NO! You'll need to keep your new tattoo out of direct sunlight and out of water 

(especially salt or chlorinated water) for about a month. 

Note: you do need to wash your tattoo daily; we're talking soaking in water here. 

Washing=good. Soaking=bad

How much should I plan to spend?

While "a good tattoo ain't cheap & a cheap tattoo ain't good", we are for the 

people and will always try to find ways to get you where you want to be.

Consider what your overall budget would be and in planning, we'll meet you 

half way!


Why do I have to make an appointment?

We do have walk-in artists available, but appointments are always encouraged 

so that we're GUARANTEED to serve you. It gives you more time to communicate 

with your artist and us more time to pour our heart into your skin art.


How do I set an appointment with the artist of my choice?

We generally require individuals to come into the shop to set an appointment. 

Though it's usually a short visit, we can always use that time to have a brief 

consultation with you and if you have further questions, it'd be a perfect time to ask! 

There is a deposit required, $50 (minimum), which secures time with your artist 

of choice. 


We'll ask you a few questions, you'll sign on the dotted line & 

BAM! Your appointment is made. 

Appointments requiring special provisions of any kind are handled at the artists discretion. 


How far in advance should I book my appointment?

It's always best to book at least a month, or better, in advance.


What is your reschedule/ cancellation policy?

All we ask for is simple communication. While we're always empathetic to 

emergencies and last minute "to-do's", we generally ask for notice 24 hours 

(or better) in advance and we'll be happy to reschedule you. 

Cancellations of special circumstances are handled at the discretion of the artist.


Should I tip my artist?

It's not mandated, but since a tip generally expresses your overall satisfaction with 

your experience & your new art, it does come highly recommended.


Will it hurt?
Yep. But not horribly, and it will only hurt while you're getting tattooed. Post-tattoo you'll 

experience mild discomfort akin to a bad sunburn, but that should be it.

Can I drink/take drugs before my appointment?
In a word, no. We can't tattoo you if you're visibly intoxicated or on any substance 

that thins your blood.

Is there anything I can do to make it hurt less?
YES! The single biggest factor that worsens pain during a tattoo is stress or anxiety. 

Anything and everything you can think of that'll make you feel relaxed and at ease 

is a great idea! 


Before your tattoo, get a good night's sleep, get some exercise, DON'T drink much 

or any coffee, and DO eat a big meal! Bring snacks, beverages, a friend, an ipod, 

a pillow, a blanket. 


During your tattoo, breathe, breathe, breathe. Holding your breath and tensing 

your body makes it worse, we promise. Move through the pain and into being awesome.




Piercings are available DAILY by piercing specialists Karl & Mello. 


All piercings START at $40

*appointments are not required*


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